Proiecte de cercetare/dezvoltare cu finanţare externă 2007


Nr. Crt.Nr. contractDenumire proiectDirector/Responsabil de proiectValoarea(Euro)
1 Program FP6- eContent PlusContract ECP-2006-EDU-410012 Organic Edunet – A Multilingual Federation of Learning Repositories with Quality Content for the Awarness and Education of European Youth about Organic Agriculture and Agroecology Gheorghe Valentin ROMAN 48.000
2 Program FP6, Contract 036538 FEMSTART – Fostering the Public Debate on University Support of Female Scientist to Start a Business Gheorghe Valentin ROMAN 5.500
3 Program Socrates / Erasmus, Contract 60869-IC-1-2005-1-Sl-ERASMUS-IPUC-2 Alternatives for ecological (organic) crop production Gheorghe Valentin ROMAN 10.000
4 Program Leonardo da Vinci Contract FI-04-B-LA-160505 EnTecNet - Development and Pedagogic Evaluation of Multimedia and Web-Based German Contents for Blended Language Learning and Networking Scenarios Gheorghe Valentin ROMAN 4.000
5 Program Leonardo da Vinci Contract 2007-LLP-LDV/TOI/2007/EL-18 AGROHEALTH - Education about the Needs of no Genetically Modified Products Certification – Investigations for the Structure of a Certification System Gheorghe Valentin ROMAN 7.453
6 Program UNESCO-BRESCE EURONETRES - European Network on Education and Training on Renewable Energy Sources Gheorghe Valentin ROMAN 1.000
7 Program ERASMUS, Contract 218726-IC-1-2005-1-FR-ERASMUS-IPUC-1 Bioethique en sciences de la vie et de l’environnement Doru Ioan MARIN 2.000