Proiecte de cercetare/dezvoltare cu finanţare externă 2003

Nr.crt.Nr. contractDenumire proiectDirector/Responsabil de proiectValoarea(Euro)
1 Program FP5- PAXIS, Contract IPS-2001-41115 TRANSACT - TRANSfer of Successful Supporting Schemes for Technology-Based Start-Ups to Innovative ACTions in Newly Associated Countries Gheorghe Valentin ROMAN 23.868
2 NNE 5-2001-0619 Crear Viewls for Clean Fuels Gheorghe Valentin ROMAN 12.212
3 Program Leonardo da Vinci Contract RO/01/B/F/141028 Eurocompetencies transfer in vocational guidance for young specialists in bioscience field Lenuţa Iuliana BUCATĂ 16.067
4 Program Leonardo da Vinci Contract RO/01/B/F/141072 Professional training of teachers in biological and agricultural sciences for rural area Viorel ION 30.000